Bosselman Energy sells and delivers fuel to retail, commercial, and agricultural customers throughout the Midwest.

Gas & Diesel

We have the ability to access Gasoline (No Lead) and Diesel from  a variety of terminals across the United States along with our bulk facilities. We sell spot loads and forward contracts, and offer a variety of pricing options. Leveraging our fleet allows us to provide logistics and fuel delivery service, which increases efficiency in delivery and price.

Ag & Commercial Fuels

We are proud to supply our agriculture and commercial clients with diesel, red diesel, biodiesel, propane, oil products and aviation gas and jet fuel.

Aviation Fuel

We offer transport and tank wagon loads of Jet Fuel and Av Gas.

Our Holdrege, Nebraska bulk facility stores 100 low-lead aviation gas and jet fuel year round using  a floating sump, which means product is never pumped from the bottom of the tank.

Biodiesel and Ethanol

Our buyers are constantly watching the markets to maximize blend potential of renewable fuels. We work with a variety of renewable fuel suppliers and we have heated biodiesel storage to protect the integrity of the product.


We offer propane for a varitey of customers and uses, click to see more.